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Keep it Real

1st your references to Bolivia [I would assume you mean it has no extradition laws to the US] and Accountability in alluding to case of libel are Ludicrous as Libel is a civil case and not criminal. 2nd Tracking back to an IP on a Govt machine [Via Bluecoat Logs/reports] would only show which machine went to a site not what or if they posted anything. Nor would a IE history search, by machine, by profile. There are multiple machines and multiple profile on each machine as it would yield the same result, that they went to a site, not what or if they posted anything.
The only way to prove who said what would be the website host [WWAY] to release that information, and due to a certain 'Freedom of the press' measure I doubt that would get very far. And discussion of having people take this to their State lawmakers leaves me dumfounded, as this is a Federal matter.
The vicious jabs, insults, counter-insults, and claims of he-did, he-said this and that, are unequivocally deplorable. The Command has supported the Vets for years and has come to a point where they have no other choice but enforce the regulatory guidance as dictated in the AR. Insulting the Commander and his staff won't help. If you disagree with this provision you have alternatives, comply with the guidance, contact your US congressman with your grievance, request a waiver, resign and look for another job.
This discussion on this public forum has succeeded in bringing out the ugliness and dirty laundry that the majority of the people on the base abhor. Gentleman, as all of us Vets know only one thing in life never changes, and that is that there are always going to be changes to your life. Let this forum please continue in a civil fashion, and respect each other as we are men and women all working for the same Uncle [Sam].


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