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I have read many comments here I understand and feel the pain and how sad the shame. With most of this I feel it best said Judge Not Least You Be Judge. If a person young, old or disable can do the job well the job is being done. taking a test one a year does not mean that on day 100 you cant do your job or on day 75 you did not do your job. People young or old or disabled who pass the PAT still can get sick on any given day and not feel like doing the job. With all due respect to Solders ,Guards, Police or other who are young and stronge you are at risk just like the rest of the human race who will die some day. Wars are faught over sea's by the young and strong how many have lost their young lives protecting and being human they get tired too. In protecting this world of ours even a dog can serve yet how cold the human is treated. I say to you lets hope the creator is not disable, older, of another race or a guard because actions cause reactions when you take away a job for reasons not necessary. Many Vets and others will retire so let them go in peace or be all they can be. We all are in need of improvement but you just thought "I can still do the job" and when the vet or disable or older is gone someday they will be protecting their own home front and loveone's with great skill and care while the rest of you will be happy to be guarding whatever. Life is short be careful what you wish for or who you pick on. In a very short in time you will start to feel your young life being sucked right out of you so stick with it. Skip parties and holidays and don't get injured soon your well on your way to being a top notch officer. When this Vet departs I expect nothing but perfection from you since you'r not disable or older or the wrong color or just born different " whoope" the bases will be safer now and you can prove it once a year with a PAT. Shame on you Army just maybe the care packages like meals oe video games will not be sent by me next year. I agree we all need to take better care of our selves however the bad people most likely will go through a hole in the fence instead of over the fence so all younger PAT winner's make sure that you jump over the fence instead of the hole an no cheating.


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