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Someone's making a mint off of this in the name of safety

A few weeks ago, I traveled to an Asian country and back. All the crap that we Americans go through in the name of safety and security only happens here. Coming back, in two different airports in Asian countries, I went through no security that even remotely resembled what we go through here. First airport, on the way back, I had my luggage - checked and carry on - x-rayed at the entrance to the airport. I went through a metal detector at that point. Didn't even have to take my shoes off.

Next stop was baggage check. A form, and a few questions, and I was off the the gates area. Admittance to the "sterile" part of the airport consisted of paying a "departure tax".

Entrance to the actual boarding area required showing my passport and boarding pass. My carry on was x-rayed again. Some people got the once over with the metal detector wand.

So, we take off, and 4 hours later I'm in Asian country #2. My carry on got x-rayed again. There was a quarantine area where they picked people out that showed up "hot", like in fever, on an infrared camera that they scanned everyone with. Into the boarding area, and the passport and boarding pass is checked again.

We take off, and land in Atlanta. Pick up my baggage, and head for immigration and customs. I pass through that and have to give my checked baggage back.

Now we are back in "Homeland Security" territory. All the fun stuff that we have to do here begins again. Shoes off, water bottles in the trash, body scanner, etc. This is for that one hour trip between Atlanta and Wilmington. Remember that I had just flown diagonally across the whole country from Alaska on down and made it in one piece without seeing any of this "super duper security" that we have to pay for and tolerate here.

"ILM will be safer".... That's all they need to say, and then that's how it is. Like it or not.


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