make WWAY your homepage  Become a fan on facebook  Follow us on twitter  Receive RSS Newsfeeds  MEMBERS: Register | Login Fortunately, I Fortunately, I don't put up with walking through microwaves. I can fly to wilmington by myself WITHOUT going through this madness since I'm a pilot. =) And I serve our country proud in the military. THIS IS NOT WHAT OUR HEROES HAVE DIED FIGHTING TO PROTECT. The way they are using these scanners poses striking similarities to the events of Rosa Parks. Think about it...Poor people have to deal with stress and traffic making their flights and then they have to be microwaved or rubbed down all in the name of "security." The only way I would approve of the scanners is if every single thing with a heartbeat in the airport had to use them and they got rid of the metal detectors. Then it would be FAIR. The way they are using the scanners is unconstitutional and unreasonable. You aren't going to get lucky all the time if you go through he checkpoints enough. NO ONE is immune from TSA abuse/tyranny not even children or the elderly. I do not believe anyone should be subject to being treated like a criminal just to board a flight. As a pilot, people like me should be in charged of airport security. If you don't know about aviation, please do us all a favor and stop commenting about airport security. YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT KEEPS A PLANE SAFE OR NOT. The tarmac and baggage screening protocols need to be made far more secure and they are spending the money on L-3's scanners instead. BIG MISTAKE. These are also slowing up the security lines which could result in a "Moscow-like" situation....Think about it. STOP SUPPORTING THESE SCANNERS. THEY ARE THE WORST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO OUR AIRPORTS!


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