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Airport security

You do have a point that I have to agree with. I don't know much about airport security. News flash... I don't have to be hit by the bullet to know I am being shot at. I fly. I also PURCHASE those tickets that are used to put fuel in your employer's as well as your competitor's airplaines. So, if paying passengers are willing to do the screening machines to insure their safety and put their mind at ease, shut your mouth, put your cute little hat on and board the f'n plane.

However, I find your comments grossly irresponsible and borderline wreckless considering you are supposed to be a trained professional. Clearly, you have been inconvienced by these body scanners, maybe embarassed because of other "factors" but to compare these scanners to Rosa Parks is comparing how similar the space shuttle program is to nuclear submarines. They have absolutely nothing to do with one another.

If you went to one of our fine military academies, I want my money back. You can not compose a rational thought and put it to complete sentences; you demonstrated that with your opening statement and texting acronyms.

Again, flying is a matter of convienence and not a right. Don't like the security plan, exercise you freedoms to find a different means of travel and certainly exercise your freedom to change careers.


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