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This is a crazy argument for

This is a crazy argument for spending millions of taxpayer dollars. "Kids involved in sports do better in school.." Kids aren't going to be "involved" in sports in this instance. I don't consider sitting at a baseball game active involvement. If you want kids "involved" then spend the money on kids in sports not semi-professional players on their way up. By the way, which kids are you speaking of? Do you really think the inner city kids that live anywhere near this baseball stadium are going to be able to afford to go with their families to any of these games?

Besides that, most professional athletes are not ANYONE I'd want my kids looking up to. They should play the sport because it's fun. If it's fun it will sell itself.

Why baseball? Why not tennis, soccer, football, basketball, etc.? It's ridiculous to take ONE certain pastime that appeals to a specific segment of the population and asks all of the citizens of a city to pay for it.

How about the kids who have families that own other leisure/pasttime type of businesses in this town? Families, unlike the city, are not going to magically find more money to go spend on leisure activities in this town. What they will do is not spend it somewhere else in town at a LOCALLY OWNED BUSINESS and instead will save it to send to these guys who will forward it on to their home office in Atlanta or whereever. I'm sure the kids of those families that lose money on the deal will be MUCH better off. I'm sure the kids of the families who have to cut out their after school activities to tighten their budgets to pay their higher taxes to pay for your baseball stadium won't be seeing these "involvement" benefits either.

In order to afford to take a family of four to a game I'm guessing it will be around $50-$100. Tickets at around $12 each and then say $30-40 for 4 hot dogs, some soda and popcorn. Considering there are likely going to be multiple games per week, how many families do you think can afford to do that more than once every few weeks or even once a month?

Let's just tell the truth. You want baseball because you love it and so that the wealthy families who love baseball can go enjoy it too.

That doesn't sound so good for the rest of us who will be subsidizing your pasttime.


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