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Cite your source please

I'll be the first to admit a correction if I'm wrong, but in general you just don't say "you're wrong" without providing the citation. I'm not going to hunt the whole Charlotte Observer website to prove your point but here's what I found which reinforces my statement:

"City staffers propose giving the team more than $7 million from hotel and motel tax revenues. The rest would come from an uptown booster group"

Read more here:

"Mecklenburg County already has pledged $8 million for the stadium and $24 million in uptown property. If the city approves the $8.5 million, taxpayers would pay for more than half the project’s $78 million cost."

Read more here:

That $8.5 million was $6M cash + a $2.5 million rebate on property tax. Now it's apparently $7 million according to the latest article. The county is chipping in $8M. cash plus land which, in theory, has already been paid for by county funds and doesn't represent an actual outlay of $24 million for residents to repay. Notice the last phrase, "taxpayers would pay for more than half the project’s (sic) cost."

Half. Given the combined size of Mecklenburg/Charlotte, city and county taxpayers are bearing out half. Trask/Flywheel is asking just Wilmington city residents to bear out at least 75% of this venture. Do the math and you'll see that this is a disproportionate burden on the City of Wilmington taxpayers in comparison.

If I'm wrong I'll read where you got your information but be specific.


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