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duke - you have no clue what

duke - you have no clue what you're rambling about.

No attorneys wanted to get involved with what we are doing, because they thought it would impede their work in this town - taking on the local political class.

Bill Wolak is the attorney for the city government - which is of, for, and by the people. There should be no "us against them" in any of this. This is my government. City Council has a sworn duty to represent the will of the people - which they are belligerently not doing in this matter. Wolak's office should be always open to working with citizens on legal processes that go before the city government, because that is serving the city. The city has provided the resistance in this since the beginning, and they chose to completely ignore what we were doing. Now, after the fact, they come out with all of this hand-wringing. We reached out to all of them numerous times and were always rejected and ignored.

We both were very interested in working with the city attorney to draft a grandfather clause to protect things like Legion Stadium, which are not impacted with this anyway - but just for a show of faith to the public. However, we could not because the door was slammed in our faces.

I have to reiterate, if the city cuts funding for Legion, it will NOT be because of our petition. It will be an effort to strike at us, and then point the finger and say "See? Because of those meddling kids we had to defund Legion!!"

Them doing something like that would be unethical and possibly illegal, since it is a budgetary move for political gain. It is also inadvisable for politicians to declare war on the citizens they depend on for votes.


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