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Time for a house cleaning in the city

Looking beyond the ballpark, forced annexation and the ill-conceived convention center project , the community will hopefully give these council members the boot.Time for Tony Caudle and Sterling Cheatham to brush up their resume's.If O'Grady thinks he can talk down to the community , he is in for a rude awakening.O'Grady always thinks he is the smartest man in the room , much like the liberal in the White House.The council member's poor business acumen has the community losing faith in their leadership and sincere ability to look out for the welfare of the taxpayers.This has been a behind closed door negotiation from the onset while giving the appearance of transparency.Mandalay and the Braves shopped around for a town with a little man complex and a tax and spend mentality to put on the hook.

I appreciate the effort of the two so-called failed politicians for taking time to pursue this petition. Thus far they have done more than Mr. O'Grady in his official position.Looking out for the welfare of overburden taxpayers in the worst economy since the Great Depression under America's first Socialist President.


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