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The Mayor and Council can look in the mirror for the reason they are facing this petition. Spitting in the face of the people you are supposed to represent will not work anymore. The initial poll showed 80% of the people opposed to using tax payer funds for this project. The city government should have listened. If they had, this petition would not be necessary. The scare tactics city officials and the supporters for this project are trying to use will not work. Below are the reasons why.

People are tired of being forced, forced annexation and the convention center are two shining examples of the government not listening to the people.

Wasted money by city government. Once again the convention center comes to mind. Also the lawsuits spent on annexation that clearly went against the will of the people. Double cost paid by the city government. 100's of thousands of dollars spent on “studies” from outside sources when the city has a planning board. Pick one or the other to do these studies, not both.

Liberty Media purchased the Atlanta Braves for 450 million dollars in 2007. The chairman of Liberty Medias reported net worth was 5.1 billion dollars as of March 2012. This is a multimillion dollar corporation owned by a multibillionaire asking the tax payers to fund his stadium (playpen). I do not care what they claim the so-called benefits to the community will be, this is just wrong. There are 5.1 billion reasons he can pay for it himself.

All the opponents of this project ever asked for was to vote on this project. Public votes have happened all over this country on issues like this. Why not here? Now, with this petition, the city can adopt what the petition says, or put it to a public vote. All of this could have been avoided if the government would have listened to the people to start with.

Now, let's have a public vote and decide this.


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