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How is it not your fault?

How is it not your fault if the City defunds Legion stadium and all related projects? Meddle some kids meddling in affairs that are way over their heads, it would only seem logical to take away any further ammo to be used back against them. That is just common sense.

Why would the City attorney advise you on a petition you are using against them, show of faith or not? That leads me to believe you and your constituency really are morons and should be thankful you have elected officals, in office, protecting you from yourselves. That would be like asking an enemy how to best fend off their attack.

I think the best thing that could of happened, did, when the attorneys you consulted graciously said no thanks or not interested. That should of been your clue phone. It was ringing.

You want you want you want, but you don't want to pay for it. Perhaps, the hippies will keep driving all equitable business opportunities out of the region, so they can keep saving the sea turtles riding their bikes on another bike path in another park which is gonna pay for the light bill, somehow.

No such thing as a free lunch pikers.


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