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I love how...

people continually denigrate CFPUA. The formation of CPFUA (consolidation of City and County) water and wastewater was one of the masterstrokes of genius that is sorely lacking around these parts. Despite what the majority may think, CFPUA WAS and IS the best solution, both at the time and now.

Most people are just mad 'cuz they are paying more to fix things that BOTH the city and county were/are responsible for.

The City failed to maintain, the County just continued to build and add to the overcapacity problem.

Most every politician around here (both incumbents and wannabe's) run on the CFPUA is evil platform. Strange how you never hear what their solution is...and when they do offer some idea, they are never called out on their populist BS.

The WASTEC issue is just another example of the County NOT performing preventative maintenance to a facility and running it into the dirt. This is a Fram oil filter can pay me now, or you can pay me later! (Which do you think is cheaper?)


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