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Show some class ...

So the thugs that were terminated by Leland and that caused so much hate and discontent while they were there are still clinging on, playing the legal game to prolong this painful chapter in LPD's history. Give it to Karl Smith and Michael Landon, though complicit in these three's powerplay and vendetas, they had enough class to resign and move on. But, honestly, these three have no class or character, looking probably for the settlement money and having no compunction what so ever to just go quietly into that good night. Even Jayne, who is leaving for Charlotte soon, is moving on and staying out of the spotlight. Yes, DellaPia, Kozak and Blasingame embody the stereotype NY/NJ persona of bullying, loudmouth, thugish self-importance that have caused Southerners to resent their carpet-bagging attitude and wish they would just get the hell out of town!!


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