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All i can say is that my prayers go out to these men and their families...ive never seen and heard such malicious rumors accusations and vague assumptions of ppl. No one gives specifics just a bunch of hear-say and "i heards"... then people pull the yankee card???.. some will think im their wife or parent or whatever but i am not...lets just say thst the town comes back and admits that the town was wrong....will u have enough back bone to write here an apology to theses men??..will u continue to slander them??? or will u jump on another bandwagon?? wether from the south or the north there is great ppl everywhere...are u that ignorant to put down a man regardless of ehere they are from whom spent years protecting the town, state and country you live time you go into a store buy groceries and go home without seeing men woman children shoot at u thank Jon Blasingame...and Rick delapia for their time overseas fighting for your freedom and next time you hear abt drugs taken off the st thank LT. Bil Kozak as he probably trained the men who aprehended those who make ur streets a bit safer....but sadly u dont have enough back bone to offer thanks bc wether a southerner or a yankee you can only call yourself at this very moment...a follower!!!!


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