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Kevin Scott Roberts

I was on the beach Monday evening, confused as were the rest of us. Virtually no one saw Kevin go in the water but the crowd swelled minutes later. Ironically, Bald Head's Howl at the Moon part was staged not 50 yards away and people started showing up while the boats were still searching. Once the kids were back on shore, it was a while until the rescuers realized there was still another man in the water. Someone noted that Kevin's fiancee was down the beach. I saw her roaming down toward the shoals, searching every last inch of the horizon. I ran down to bring her back to those coordinating the effort from the shore. Held her hand on the walk back and reassured her that they would not stop looking until they found him. I asked her where we went in & she pointed just to the left of the shoals. What my mind was thinking, at that time I could not speak. I'll never forget the look in her eyes.

I slipped away once she was in capable hands. The sick irony amongst those who had gathered for a party was that most knew the outcome by then. All I could do is hug my kids and say a prayer as the bonfire flickered and the full moon slowly rose from the waterline. All I could think was how absolutely surreal that a man lost his life here just moments ago.

I never knew Kevin but my heart goes out to all those who lost a father, a fiancee or a friend in the waters off Bald Head this week.


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