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I would just like to say

I would just like to say thank you to all the prayers and thoughts of everybody. I would also like to say thank you to everybody who helped my family that night. But most importantly I would like to say thank you to Kevin. I am one of the survivors of that horrific night. If it had not been for him I would not be here along with the others of my family. Though Kevin and I never really got to know each other that well i will nevr forget him. I know for a fact that he loved my family and his children to. He loved Lori more than words could say. You could see it in his face. That night we had all given up none of us thought we would make it back to shore but my uncle Kevin made it to each one of us to help us calm down. I will forever be in his debt.
That night we were told we would not be able to sleep due to secoundary drowning, but my grandmother and my aunt lori told us that we needed our sleep, they watched us all night. Freaking out as we layed there somehow i manged to have a dream, but this was no dream. I heard Kevin's voice, he told me to tell everybody that he loves them and not to worry because he is okay, he is with our heavnly father in heavn, he told me to tell aunt lori that he loved her and not to cry for they would be together soon. He also told me to tell everybody else not to cry for he knew what he had to do. I know most of you will think this is crazy but i belive it was him.
My aunt says everybody has jobs on this earth that they are put here to do, and saving us was his last mission. They keep telling us not to blame our selves but our hearts and minds say to diffrent things. Im so sorry to his children, we never ment for any of that to happen, and to my aunt lori i love you with all my heart and no matter what we, as family will get threw this.
R.I.P Uncle Kevin, though you guys were not married yet you will always be in our family, we love and miss you so much, and from everyone of us that you gave your life to save ours, Thank you so much.


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