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To dumb & dumber and the

To dumb & dumber and the other ones who posted comments that do not know what happened and should keep their mouths shut. You are heartless non-christians and I hope and pray that by the Grace of God you never have to lose a loved one and have other idiots as yourselves, post comments about them. Shame on you. THERE WERE "NO"
SIGNS POSTED AND NO CAUTIONS ANYWHERE ON THAT SIDE OF THE ISLAND. It took the rescue crews and hour to get the children out of the water and and hour to find Kevin's body. The parents and grandparents were watching carefully and had they been warned would never have allowed the children to go walking on the edge of the beach or anywhere near it. Pray to God that you get a heart and come common sense about you and some compassion, because some day you
will need it from others and you will NOT receive it because of your un-Godly ways. I hate to stoop to your level and say these things, but you are hurting people who are very dear to me and our family will respect and treat them with love and kindness and be very protective. So keep your opinions to yourselves.


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