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If this is about the

If this is about the belongings left behind where Kevin was staying,Well let it be known that if my neice and nephew ask me to go get what is rightfully theres, well SO BE IT i will always be here for these kids and if it upsets anyone just give me a call!!!! I handled the situation in the same manner as Kevin would have if the shoe was on the other foot! We loaded and took what belonged to Kevin and his children!Greed no it wasnt,just doing what i was ask to do!!!! My wife and i ask for nothing,and if this comment is directed to me my name is Mike,my number is on my facebook page give me a call and we can meet up and settle this face to face! As if we arent going through a hard enough time without people trying to start stuff. Grow up or grow a pair,either or there is still things that belong to Kevin and his kids and i can PROMISE as soon as the kids say unkcle mike will you,i will be on my way!


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