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Your comment begs the question ...

... “If I was better informed, why would I want to show my ignorance in the first place?” or “Would my ignorance be of a higher quality if I was better informed before exercising it?” And the answer to my own question is “No.” Oh by the way, in business for myself and used to live on Water Street near Chandler’s Wharf (that enough street credits?).

“DOWNTOWN” pays more taxes: That’s what I call the old Baby Huey premise. That’s the one where if taxes were assessed according to chair size, and “DOWNTOWN” could be compared to Baby Huey, would it pay more taxes than other areas? Yep. It would also eat much more of the City’s resources. So, lets call that a wash.

The shortfall is why Wilmington needs this marketing initiative: Here we go again. Another trip through the looking glass into Tax & Spend Land. “Marketing initiative” in this case defined as giving money from Wilmington’s parking fund to “DOWNTOWN” businesses for purposes of their own promotion. Sure, more business would result in more parking revenue. Did it also ever occur to you that with all of these “DOWNTOWN” businesses acting together as the much vaunted “DOWNTOWN” Marketing Taskforce, that by now at least a few of them should have put forward some ideas for promotion that didn’t start with milking Wilmington for $60,000 as their initial starting point? Perhaps “DOWNTOWN” businesses have become so used to breastfeeding off of the City’s teat they’re too sated to even try to find their own food. Perhaps after all this time “DOWNTOWN” businesses feel they’re grandfathered into entitlements. After all, they’re “DOWNTOWN”! In tough times, the tough get creative. They don’t just pour more money into a problem. It’s way past time for a weaning. The deficit will be at least $60,000 better if the monies are left in the fund for actual parking related initiatives instead of contrived ones.

You apparently think you can spend your way out of deficits. To me, that’s like a gambler going back into the casino to try and recoup his losses by gambling more money. Of course the nice thing about thinking that way is, if you're wrong, the debt will just get passed along to others as yet unborn. Our Federal Government's been doing it for years so it must be OK, right?

Wimington is more than just businessess owners downtown. If "DOWNTOWN" is no longer capable of understanding that, perhaps its time has come and gone.


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