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Your lack of comprehension is astounding

Move to Greece? ... Are you kidding me? ... You mean the country in Europe that's spent itself into such a hole that it may take forever to get out of? ... The country that may have to back out of the Euro and go back to the Drachma with an exchange rate that almost every other country in the world will be able to take advantage of? ... The country where their children's children will still be paying off their debt? ... The county that's been practicing the very same kind of irresponsible spending that I've been against in Wilmington? ... What the heck did you think my post was about if it wasn't about irresponsible spending?

Perhaps, if you'd taken the time to proofread your "Subject" title, you would have realized that the irresponsible spending system in Greece is exactly what you've been advocating for, not me. That's YOUR end of the spectrum. You really, really don't get it. Astounding.


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