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City Budget Newsletter

I would like to thank the City of Wilmington for the well written piece of propaganda that they mailed me yesterday about their budget.
It seems that 47% of their citizens will see their taxes rise by only the cost of a breakfast of $3-$5 dollars a month. There is such a disconnect between them and reality that it even includes a picture of coffee and a bagels. Most of us don’t eat breakfast in restaurants.
The budget includes funding for 13 police officers that were hired under a short term grant. That was really smart long range planning and now you get to pay for it.
You plan to spend $35 million dollars over 5 years for street and sidewalk maintenance that was deferred. Isn’t that about the same amount that you are ready to spend right now for a baseball stadium?
You budget an increase for city employees. When I check the city website for jobs there are few listed. What is your turnover rate?
You also note that the city takes in 80% of sales taxes but only receives 20% in return. What you fail to note is what % of sales taxes are actually generated by city residents
Your failed convention center is supposed to be supported by taxes paid by non-residents and this is another blatant attempt to get money since your annexation bid failed. It would be a good sign of faith if the city council and manager personally paid all the legal fees associated with their challenges.


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