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I agree with some of the comments made here. These people are on death row for a reason and the fact that they are given many benefits and perks is a concern. Most prisoners, not all (depending on states) receive medical care (better than we do), education, tvs, gyms and libraries that some of us may not even have access to. That is enough to make people upset.

On the other hand, I can't imagine being stuck in a cell with nothing to do 24/7. It looks to me like it would create a very angry and hostile response. Again, they did the crime, they pay the time - but to what extent!

If they have the use of tv, it should be controlled and they should have limited viewing. No cable - just educational channels. I can't afford cable - why should he/she be able to watch want they want to anytime?

There has to be some type of balance but taxpayers money should not be wasted!


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