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yall are terrible

"Dr. Cooper was not at her office this afternoon when WWAY called for comment, and we were told she would not be back today. She has not yet returned our call." Why'd you even call for a comment? what business is it of WWAY what that woman does in her own home. Don't even say it because she's a doctor because i know a PRACTICING orthopedic suergon who smokes medical pot in denver legally because he has constant back pain from when his helicopter was shot down. Call him for a "comment", better yet, knock on his door and ask him to explain. (that'll be brief).Focus on news, its an election year, our economy sucks, its going to do nothing but worsen, half the high school kids in this town are taking pain pills and MDMA before they're 16, thats news, that a problem, that needs to be fixed.Leave the nice doctor alone, I don't even smoke pot, nor am i a fan of those that do. but what a waste of police labor and newspaper space.


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