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Is this another new identity Mr. T?

A couple of points.

The ball park has been there for years. And this is just now developing, 10 years or so after the fact.

And, when I made my comments, I was not spouting off. I was factually noting the then current state of the area. And guess what, it's still not the best section of town in Greensboro for early evening strolls.

As others noted, the Performing Arts Center is not being privately funded; thus the City leaders must secure some taxpayer approval for funding.

Greensboro is not suffering with inferior infrastructure such as roads, water and sewer which are present in Wilmington.

So, if I understand your position, if a sufficient base of taxpayers expect the City Council to display some fiscal common sense; if they expect the City Council to spend no more than it takes in, you consider them irresponsible.

Quite the contrary. They're showing fiscal maturity.

But, you continue to avoid the one challenge which, if you would take it on, might turn the tide. Take the proposed agreement; crunch th numbers; and show all of us, without using pie in the sky numbers, where this cornucopia of wealth will come from and how it will flow to the city. And then, lead the rush of private investors to sign up as Members of the LLC which should be created to fund construction and own the ball park.


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