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Agreed 100%

The biggest example was the power grab by the feds trying to make a name for themselves during what many of us in the poker world called "Black Friday". I summarily am insulted that the liberals who are running the show in this country have the nerve to shove gay marriage down my throat yet seeming to be ok with whatever goes on behind closed doors UNLESS it involves me or others playing recreational poker online for a few dollars. Yes apparently its ok to legalize gay marriage and shove other things down our throats but yet Im told I cant play poker online unlike nearly the rest of the world (to include Canada, Mexico, Russia{Yes they have more freedom in their own homes then we do in this country}. Supposedly one excuse was players who played full time and made a living werent paying taxes. The companies have a way to track deposits vs withdrawals. Isnt that hard to track such things so its a poor excuse. Uncle Sam needs to get the hell outta my personal life Im not selling drugs or doing anything thats hurting anybodyelse and alot of us are are getting sick and tired of governments repeated intrusion in our lives. Yes techically the republicans snuck the UIGEA into a law in 2006 as a late night amendment but it was and is Obamas DOJ who took these actions (and yes it was politically motivated, as only weeks before the DOJ shut down the big sites those sites had made deals with Steve Wynn (Pokerstars) and Station Casinos (FTP) when that happened it caused panic by Harrahs who were sent one of there big shots to DC to see Harry Reid, who oh BTW headed the Nevada Gaming Commission at one time and if you ever see the movie Casino watch for the one Smothers Brothers playing "the senator" that character in question was indeed Dirty Harry Reid being portrayed).. It was never about protecting US Players as they claim it was about politics of the Nevada gambling to kill competition so that the casinos in Vegas could take over online poker and what not in this country. Typical Vegas dirty politics. If you cant beat em.. KILL EM which they did with Black Friday. Nonetheless telling me what site I can and cant play on still violates my rights as a gamer and you shouldnt accept it either.. Next thing the Government will be dictating what you can and cant eat Oh wait they already are..

Our founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves based on whats happening in this country.


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