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Beach renourishment

For the commercial fishermen who's lively hood is affected - I'm all for it. For homeowners who built On the Beach - sorry.
But I have a solution that encompasses a lot of different areas.
We all know that commercial fishermen need to have access to the ocean.
We also know the honorables want to build a new super port in Southport which, shaves 3 miles off the travel distance to Wilmington (big deal)
We also know the channel starts at Frying pan shoals and is 26 miles long and shallow.
In other words - it's not condusive to good business as far as ports go.
So lets do this.
Build a road from Fort Fisher out to Frying Pan and a connector from Fort Fisher to I-40. Make the road concrete, 8 lanes wide. In the middle place above roadbed pipelines. Where the road hits the ocean build lower level docks, and provide free docking to all commercial boats.
Line the road with both wind turbines and or solar panels that would provide power to the lights on the roadway and signal devices. Terminate the road at Frying Pan with a "T" that extends out 1 mile and make this the biggest deep water mooring port on the east coast. Import oil through this port and hopefully build refineries and storage facilities here.
We end the need for keeping local channels open as the fishermen now have direct ocean access. We end the need for a new port near Southport. We also end the constant dredging of the Cape fear river. And make the whole thing energy efficient wind wind and solar power generation that we could sell to "the grid".
It provides thousands of jobs both construction and otherwise, and is a single ribbon of road way out to Frying Pan.

C'mon Ghoulsby here's a job creating bill for you........

Facetious of course
Best Regards


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