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Didn't serve?

Sorry to disappoint all of you people who INSIST they know I didn't serve
(20 years - Korean and Vietnam Vet)
Let me explain something that all military personnel DO know.
Anyone who is active military in Texas can purchase a gun, and get a concealed weapon permit.
Hassam did this by asking the gun store clerk for the most sophisticated handgun with the biggest magazine available. He did this in Kileen the town in which Hood is located. If a civilian tried to do that here a sharp clerk would flag that request immediately.
He brought the gun on base and was not challenged in any way, shape, or form. He was not searched when he came on base with that gun. Why? He had a military ID.
Anyone who thinks that ban by President Clinton was effective needs to get their head examined. The Provost Marshall at Hood had very few personally owned firearms registered or under his control.

Getting, and possessing firearms is very easy for military personnel and should be. They are trained on how to use them. Being in a state like Texas which allows concealed carry makes it even easier. I have a CWP and know of many military personnel that have them. In Texas you can get a CWP with a military ID and know of many Vets who did just this. This CWP is accepted in, I think, 20 other states
It is assumed by most military services that once you get that ID you have been, jabbed, stabbed, checked and re-checked and are "safe". You are not routinely challenged when you go off, or come back on that base.(Unless under an alert)
Please do not assume that Hood was or is a gun free zone. A law does not make it so.

Best Regards


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