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@FedUpDon't forget it.


Don't forget it. Write it down. Get a tattoo that states how mad you are that the people of Wilmington don't want to be taxed to death for the next 30 yrs to buy you a toy. I am so sick of you and your two friends melodramatic whining on these forums - but when it comes down to it, none of you back up your ridiculous threats and comments in person. You think that sitting anonymously behind a keyboard makes you the world's toughest badass - and that's pretty pathetic. I will issue the same challenge to you as I have your friends. Let's debate the issue in a public forum in front of the city and the media. I will gladly debate you on this issue. I am sick and tired of your lies about some political vendetta I supposedly have. How is trying to save taxpayer money "lashing out" at the public? This issue has brought the public together, and I have been proud to be a part of that. It is the voters who elect people to office, and I don't give a damn that they didn't vote me in. I have no problem with your opinion on the stadium - doesn't bother me at all. But quit being a little b***h and lying about people you have no clue about anonymously on the internet.


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