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One thing I have noticed on

One thing I have noticed on the amendment/petition rules is that it does not address the adding of more signatures it only mentions that the petition itself (or amendment) cannot be modified.
An example:
This petition prevents the city from using taxpayer funds for any sports entities.

This petition prevents the city from using taxpayer funds for this sports entity.

This is the SUBJECT of the petition/amendment and they are different. This is what the rule addresses. These are 2 separate petitions.
I would not be surprised to see a wave of additional signings. Remember signing has to be done in person as opposed to a survey which could be done online. This is what concerns the powers that be. There was an effort made to OPPOSE this and it was done quickly. But the survey DID show that although baseball is very popular - fiscal responsibility trumps a desire to have a team here. The survey respondents were very clear they wanted little to no taxpayer funds used. The survey results and the speed at which the petition garnered the signatures tells the city that funding is the key issue here.

The room tax for the convention center was a little different in that city taxpayers weren't affected it was the "outsiders" and the visitors who were. This particular stadium tax though is on the residents and is therefore looked at a little closer.
Residents vote - visitors don't......
That's the REAL reason the city is allowing for more time.
Best Regards


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