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Actually, it's kinda funny

Actually, it's kinda funny reading the comments here.
It's VERY obvious that baseball is a popular sport. It's good clean fun to play and family entertainment for those who want to watch.
But it's also equally obvious that this particular proposal is making people think twice about the proposed cost. The fact that Fulton/McCoy got the signatures so quickly indicates that the COST may trump the DESIRE to have a Mil-A team here.
By the way - they did get an ADDITIONAL 70+ votes within a day of finding out the Board of Elections said they were 4 short. Again, this shows the vehemence the voters have against using tax dollars for this.
I was at a church gathering yesterday and the adults were talking about a variety of subjects when this ball park proposal came up. Interesting that NONE of adults at this gathering had even heard of the petition but that many of them had a desire to sign the petition. This was an estimated 20 out of 25 people - all registered Wilmington voters. Myself, my wife and 2 adult kids (all registered voters) would have signed it as well.
Yet, we attend our grand kids little league games and find baseball entertaining. They play heir games at city funded parks and church built facilities.
But the conundrum is that this is little league. "Non-profit" fun. At fields that are part of much bigger "parks" offering other things for all city residents to enjoy.
This proposal is geared towards a specific entity (the Atlanta Braves) that runs a for profit business. Property tax break? I've got no problem with an incentive like that. But I do have a problem with $24M in incentives for 70 days of home games with limited attendance that will dwindle over time.
This is like window shopping. We all say that would be REAL NICE TO HAVE but after we look at the price tag we say OH BUT I'LL PASS ON THIS.........

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