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annexation negatives and positives

im kind of like in between for it and not for it also am not suprised by all of annexation happening. I was young as 12 when as I do remember telling a friend what I was predicting was gonna happen to this town before it began to grow also do the first annexation. I told a friend all roads were gonna be 5 lanes some places also will be growth where monkey junction is as well town would stretch from downtown towards wrightsville beach as well even pridicted we would have an interstate for this town which many said were not even gonna happen because many thought our state capital really didnt pay attention or like our town as well its far away etc but all of this has happen as we see it which was predicted did in fact happen!! Im 47 presently and do still have more predictions of this town but rather not say much about it.
As far as annexation the positive side what benefit those will get are city services of all kinds but the negatives are they wont which is not fair as well on top of it all of is money city wants to take in a revenue to run our town which sometimes is a bull just to fill in loopholes city mismanage also cover up how bad in some ways it runs.
Now our own state gov wont sign to block annexation is not suprising because any gov are for money to take in rather than caring for our people and we are not cared for because our rights have been taken away to vote to block it and its more like RUSSIAN INVASION by our town which many of us do remember how that country takes over other countries and we voted for our presidents who were powerful to stop invasions also won wars in the past to stop many things to keep world peaceful as well our country as it is now as a free country but ALLOW ANNEXATION is like city of WILMINGTON are RUSSIANS taking over land and incorporated areas just for money rather than voters who cant vote in the future to block also we have our out goin state gov who wont sign anything because she s not running another election or term so we voters are overall completely not able to vote to eliminate or revote her back in office so otherwords all of us wont be able to vote on this election so we gotta see if we get another state gov who may sign to block it in the future. WELCOME OUR TOWN ANNEXATIONS AND WATCH HOW THEY DO IT LIKE HOW RUSSIANS TOOK OVER AFGHANISTAN AND OTHER COUNTRIES IS LIKE HOW WILMINGTON CITY ARE RUSSIANS TAKING OVER INCORPORATED LAND AND HOMES NOT BELONGING TO THE CITY FOR GROWTH AND MONEY RATHER THAN RESPECTING CITIZENS OF WILMINGTON. LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE AND MANY PLACES WILL SEE AS OUR TOWN TAKING OVER PEOPLE AND OUR LAND LIKE RUSSIANS WONT LOOK GOOD FROM OUT OF TOWN PEOPLE MOVING IN THE FUTURE BECAUSE MANY WILL AVOID PAYING BOTH CITY AND COUNTY TAXES AFTER ANNEXATION HAPPENS AS WELL WILL RUN PEOPLE OUT OF OUR COUNTY TO ANOTHER PLACE WILL CAUSE REVENUES TO DECLINE OUR TOWN WILL BE STALLED MORE WORSE THAN HOW OUR ECONOMY HAS BEEN ALSO THIS MAY BE WHY ANNEXATIONS ARE HAPPENING NOW BECAUSE WE HAVE GONE THROUGH TOUGH ECONOMIC TIMES AND CITY MAY BE RUNNING OUT OF MONEY SO THEY DECIDE TO ANNEX LANDS AND HOMES THAT ARE INCORPORATED RATHER THAN RAISE TAXES IN CITY AREAS WHICH ARE ALREADY IN THE CITY IS UNFAIR TO PEOPLE WHO LIVE OUT OF THE CITY LIMITS. THANKS


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