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I'm glad she didn't touch it. Everything she touches turns into taxes. Let it become law, because the people of NC now have a voice and can no longer be taxed without representation when it comes to annexation. It is astounding to me how long forced annexation has been going on, and now it's finally over.

The city's argument that it hinders growth is invalid. NHC is not very big, so what happens when you get to the county lines? Will you annex Hampstead? We are just one of a small handful of states that had forced annexation. You can't possibly tell me that the vast majority of states who don't have forced annexation don't grow, because they do.

I'm all for voluntary annexation, and if an area wants to be annexed, let the people vote and decide. The money grab is now gone and Saffo and his goons are crying like babies. How about you manage the money you have and quit with the money grabs? Now you have no choice, balance the budget or get out of the way so someone else can.


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