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Guest OU812, you sound like Jeremiah Wright, that's funny. you do realize that people are innocent until proven guilty, don't you? you people commenting here act like he just "hit and ran" your dogs on the way to the doughnut shop with complete malice. if i didn't know any better, it sounds as though you all were on the short list for his job and are displaying your sour grapes. public record shows that Ballree was found innocent of the charges in Mt. Olive and to the person with an IQ above 47, that means he didn't do it. anyone can be accused of anything these days and allegations alone are not justification for these character assassinations by people who live in a world of speculation and innuendo. if this man did it, he will pay the price. but until then, he laid his hand upon a Bible swearing an oath to take a bullet, if necessary, for the very ingrates crucifying him on this page and he deserves the same respect everyone of you demand for yourselves. moral of this story, wait until the facts are known before tying the knot for the electronic lynching.


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