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Ethanol Causes motor damage

One of the worst things to ever pass out to the populations is the addition of ethanol in motor fuels. Ask any small engine repair shop, any boat motor mechanic, any motorcycle rider, and any auto owner that cannot get their car to pass inspection because the "check engine" light will not go out. Ethanol added to fuel destroys rubber gaskets, fuel floats, electronic sensors and carburetors. Ever wonder why so many drivers cannot pass inspection. Ethanol attracts water from the moisture in the air, separates itself in the tank and clogs the fuel system. Ever since the introduction of E10 to our fuel products, gasoline will go bad in less than a month. There are several non ethanol fuel stations in wilmington and I will gladly pay the extra for pure fuel to know my vehicle will last longer.
Why would anyone in their right mind burn our food supply up. And to some it all up. If ethanol was such a great idea, why are all airports forbidden to fuel aircraft with ethanol laden fuel.


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