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Border control

Ok I may be just a crazy female with crazy thoughts but it seems to me that IF the US got off their high horse and tightened up the borders, sent illegals back instead of paying them food stamps and college and and free money, that if the US were harder to move into like ALL other countries , we would not see half the mess we do. I mean come on, land of the free is one thing, but truth be told, the Americans are loseing more and more of their freedom everyday, we are losing help for the American elderly and children, health care has became a complete joke, and college is a must for an American to survive now in this economony, but thank to the government, you can afford to attend college anymore. Our troops even are not being cared for before the illegals. What disappoints me most about the land I should be so proud of is, they will pay out all this money for illegals, food, clothes, shelter, utilities, college, healthcare, you name it, and leave little to nothing for the American that is loseing their home, sick with cancer and out of a job to no fault of their own. I see where the US is sending millions to other places to feed the hungry and house the homeless when right here at home we have millions that go to bed hungry every night. Our American solders that put their life on the line for the very freedom that allows these people to make these absered choices for the US are the very ones that are going with little to no pay, losing their home and their families going hungry, so the US can give to illegals and others before they give to the ones that the American solders are laying down their lives for. Oh lord I could go on all day but I better stop. My point is, the US needs to wake up,the US has done this to their self, even a child could figure out some help for the problems. Tighten up borders, send illegals home, make it harder to enter the US, and for god sakes take care of your american people first before kissing ass with other countries and playing god to them. Charity starts at home.


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