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Viable option to make the city money? ... Based on what?

- vi·a·ble/ˈvīəbəl/Adjective: 1.Capable of working successfully; feasible: "the proposed investment was economically viable".

No one, I repeat, no one has provided hard numbers to prove that.
Perhaps what you really meant was:

- con·jec·tur·al/kənˈjekCHərəl/Adjective: Based on or involving conjecture. Synonyms: presumptive - hypothetical

Keep pulling unsustainable statements out of your tailpipe and you'll be perceived as exactly what you've been calling others:

- id·i·ot/ˈidēət/Noun: 1.A stupid person.
Synonyms: fool - imbecile - blockhead - dunce - nitwit - dolt

By "let's see how this all plays out" I hope you meant plays out in the ballot box rather than plays out as defined by a select few. Anything other than that would be disrespectful of all of those people on both sides of the stadium issue who deserve to have a voice in an issue of this magnitude, not just Fulton and McCoy.

If taxpayers want the stadium they'll vote for it, if they don't, they won't. If you've got a problem with that, too bad.


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