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1313, public safety is a

1313, public safety is a principal role of government in the form of police and fire protection. Building and subsidising a multi-million dollar sports venue for a low end minor league baseball team is not.

I think that Mayor Saffo is going to come out of this smelling like a rose. He is very astute to allow this measure to get on the ballot. McCoy and Fulton were also very astute in assuming the leadership of this opposition to the benefit of their own political futures. This is American politics, whether or not you like it.

This isn't doomsday, 1313. This is a great day showing that entrenched political interests are really subject to the will of the voters when there is sufficiently organized political will to act.

You may think that this stadium development is a viable option to make the city money. I happen to think not. Sorry you are upset that the decision to work this project will be in the hands of the voters.

Mr. Fulton, your time may be coming in the very near future. Comm. O'Grady's term expires this year. He'd be a good first to be replaced.


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