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One can only hope. I

One can only hope. I remember the last election there was a video clip with Saffo stating adamantly "There will be no ball park built with public funds"... now after closely watching this drama unfold we find out this project had long been in the works with funding coming from taxpayers! The man openly LIED to all of the citizens of the city & county without effort and I don't think it's the first time. To me, he is the absolute worst (or perhaps best) example of a self serving dishonest individual who has found his true calling... politics.

Unfortunately I'm not optimistic the petition will help because of voter apathy but one thing I am sure of is there's probably enough dots for some enterprising individual(s) to connect and find impropriety somewhere. Once the SBI is done cleaning up the local law enforcement perhaps they will be tipped to look at some of the events that have happened during his tenure. That being said he's not the only one but one of many that deserve some official scrutiny... and that is news I'd willingly accept a tax increase to watch.


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