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“I can't speak for council

“I can't speak for council as a whole, but I don't think that anyone thought that they wouldn't come up with the number,” says City Councilman Neil Anderson.

This is disturbing me for some odd reason. It would appear as though council knew how contentious this issue would be so why didn't THEY propose the special election? Why did they rely on a couple of citizens to do it?

“It will be an eight to one vote in favor of our ordinance is my prediction,” he says.
I agree that this is being just plain silly, but considering the speed at which they gathered their signatures I do understand their confidence. That was 25% of the total vote in the city during the last election.

Councilman Kevin O’Grady says he believes council will put the ordinance to a public vote and was confident citizens will vote against it because of its ambiguous language.
They will lose due to ambiguous language? This is as laughable as McCoy's vote prediction. O'Grady, for some reason, is getting more press on this issue than even Saffo. Saffo's comment about the Braves not having enough skin in the game seems to be a reasonable statement, and indicates that there's at least one adult in the room.

If put forth for vote I believe it will be passed and no stadium will be built.
Just not by 8 to 1...........

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