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Thank you! you are correct it is not the employees fault, they are the ones who keep this county with water and sewer for around $12 an hour. Who wants to handle other peoples crap for that pay! Not many of the high and mighty people who live in this county. These workers work their tail off all the time. And when something hard needs to be done; its the same hard working fellers that do the work. The big boss sits on the side line. You could'nt pay me enough to handle someone elses turds! these guys risk their health for a public that dont see what they have everyday when they flush or turn on the water. Wilmington is a old town with old pipes that has grown faster then the system can keep up with. Much like our roads. These hard workig guys deserve more than a 50 cent raise. 4% is noting when you only make 30k a year and try to raise a family on that and see how hard it is. I am glad i dont work there but will be happy to pay my bill when i can see people in my yard working hard for a living to fix breaks at 4am and work all day and all night.


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