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I'm not against giving

I'm not against giving employees a raise, but that raise is part of the built in rate increase that comes later on this year. I live in a house with a family of five and we to tend to use a lot of water. When the last rate increase happened, we were shocked at how much our bill had gone up with the same amount of water usage. We talked to the CFPUA and they said "well we're trying to get people to conserve water." Great, but with a family of 5, do you want us to stop taking showers?

Since then, we have been using less water to keep the bill down, like the CFPUA wanted everyone to do. Now, here comes ANOTHER increase in the rate, and we are forced to go along with it. I mean come on, you want people to conserve water, and when they do, you go and raise the rates AGAIN? This is getting out of control. The same thing happened with our trash company. We left Waste Industries for Trash It Now, which was just recently bought out by waste industries, and after our contract is over, we have to start paying the higher rate.


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