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Here's to the critics...

I want you to know and everyone that reads this that I'm not concealing my identity. This is Jamie Hester, one proud little brother of one of the greatest men to have ever worked for Bladen County Sheriffs Dept. I'm glad that each of you have posted your true feelings on this link. Dewayne was an honorable man, a man of integrity and one who always believed in the people of Bladen County. Any one that had the chance, or should I say privilege, of knowing my brother would ultimately agree that the respect shown by all parties involved and the departments that handled the funeral was well above and beyond. Dewayne was always about honor and he would thank each of you personally with a handshake and a smile.
I was a bit taken back by a couple of the comments left on this link, but as Dewayne always told me you'll always have those few people you can't please no matter the amount of time tou spend, what you do, or the effort you put forth. I call those people haters, dewayne simply called them people who don't understand. He never spoke with ill intent about people in general, nor would he ever disrespect someone by leavi g comments about someone's funeral like "tasteless". He'd simply go about his way. But there is one distict difference between Dewayne and myself, I speak my mind and for that I'll never be half the man he was. With that said, who ever left those comments about how Dewayne didn't deserve all he got.... Look me up and say that to my face. This isn't a threat as it is more of a promise, I'll slap the "taste" out of your mouth.
I've prided myself on being like my brother my whole life. He was the best role model and still is for so many. Ask any one, it you needed him he was there and was always someone you could completely count on. He never wavered or strayed from what he thought was right. If I only become half the man, father and friend he was I'll consider myself a success. Thank you Dewayne and may you RIP.


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