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Why Tax Payers are Forced

The proponents for this claim that you have to spend millions of dollars on a shiny new state of the art stadium for this to work. The tax payers have to invest because they benefit the most. They claim this new stadium will create in the neighborhood of 3500 new baseball fans that will attend 70 games per year for 30 years. This with the 1500 fans Wilmington already has, equals the 5000 per night they claim will attend. I believe they arrive at these numbers with the assistance of chemicals not normally found in the human body. Otherwise it is hard to explain how educated (1981duke) people could could publicly state these illusions and hallucinations with a straight face. These stadium projects are a con game used by billionaires to get the local governments to force the tax payers to fund their projects for them. I guess it is easy to remain wealthy if everyone else is required to pay your bills for you. Please make sure all of your friends and family take the time to vote against this project!


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