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Besides "Play ball", "Opening day 2014" can you say anything that intelligently supports your position or refutes all the evidence to the contrary that minor league baseball teams are a drain to the communities which have to support them? These studies are always padded with extrapolated numbers and take credit for jobs that would have been created with or without a stadium project.

"Total of 6,412 new one-year full and part-time jobs earning $138 million"

Really? With those kind of stats cities all over the state should be lining up to build a stadium of their own. I'm afraid NSS repeats the same statistics for job sector growth, primarily hospitality and service industry jobs, that would have been created over the same period without city investment in a stadium. They're attributing growth to a stadium that the Bureau of Labor and Statistics has projected anyway.

In reference to your "future generations" comment. The people of Sarasota were thinking about their future generation when they overwhelmingly voted down a referendum to build a new stadium for the Cincinnati Reds.

"Sports is a consumption activity, not an investment activity," Porter said. "These so-called economic-impact studies never include the cost to a community. It's simply an estimate of people who come to see the team and an estimate of what they spend.", Phillip Porter, professor of Economics, University of S. Florida as quoted form the Tampa Tribune, Feb 21, 2010.

Duke, I'm afraid you're trying to get everyone to drink the orange Kool-aid when the people aren't thirsty for debt.


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