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"The conclusions to be drawn

"The conclusions to be drawn are clear and are consistent with what area residents and the business community and tourism leaders have been telling us for some time....this project represents a great investment in our economic infrastructure and makes Wilmington a better place"

Only if the numbers are accurate.
For instance, NSS says Wilmington's "interest" in baseball is somehow 50% higher than other cities and thery say that 3% of the city's population will attend the games whereas other cities are consitantly at 2%.
So what does this mean?
It means that they will never EXCEED 300,000 Per year attendance so Wilmington will NOT get $1 per ticket Mandalay offered.
Second it means that because the attendance is overstated all economic impact is as well. Keep in mind that half the attendees will be adults the other half will be children.
It is also curious to note that the location of the stadium to me would have a big impact on just how much an impact it will have. Downtown, to me offers the biggest bang for the buck. The problem is - just how big a bang it will be.

The surveys showed more than the NSS report.
We love baseball, but we are hesitant to pay for it. The amount of funding Mandalay is asking the city to put up seems to go against how much the citizens are willing to put up.
THAT'S whats abundantly clear to me.
We want it but don't want to pay too much for it.
Go ask the Port City Roosters just how badly Wilmington wanted baseball...........

Best Regards


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