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Yes, by all means, stock up

You can still purchase 60 Watt incandescent bulbs, and if you're smart, you'll stock up on a couple of cases.

The inefficiency of an incandescent bulb helps you cut your heating bill in Winter. When Summer rolls around and the days get longer, it stays lighter later, so you don't have the lights on and heat the house as much.

CFLs are still a royal pain. You have problems with using them in ceiling fixtures that invert the bulb. (They run hotter, shortening their life.) If you accidentally break one, the EPA published instructions on the protective measures you need to take while cleaning it up. Oh, you also can't simply throw them in the garbage. There is still no CFL that can duplicate the soft, warm glow of a frosted incandescent bulb.

Here's the bottom line. Your lights, even incandescent bulbs, account for a relative small portion of your monthly electric bill. You can run a 100 Watt bulb for ten hours and you are just approaching 1kWh. That cost you around ELEVEN CENTS. That's why this push to get rid of incandescent bulbs is a bunch of bunch of nonsense!

If you want to save energy, limit your use of the oven, get a timer for your water heater, set your thermostat to 68 in Winter and 78 in Summer, and install a few ceiling fans.


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