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Are you freakin crazy...So

Are you freakin crazy...So after the Monkey Junction BULLY ANNEXATION issue and an added Million $ slap in the face to the city/county residents and NOW you want taxpayers to partial pay a Million $$'s for Baseball & Hotel and spend outrageous fees for MORE studies & OVERPAID Lawyers to slowly come to a undisclosed conclusion that the residents in the City of Wilmington are getting railroaded...I do not go to ballgames or watch them on TV...I have better things to do than to watch people chase and throw a ball back and forth, back and forth, kinda like the money you want to WASTE doing studies and who knows what else...and with all the struggling families in town, who can afford to go to a Hotel? why should we help fund your jollies, what's your money bonus?...Why don't y'all use your brains and fix the SEWER PIPES before another bursts downtown, since according to STUDIES ALREADY DONE, they were projected to only last 50-60 yrs...or find out and fix the brick road on Front St...looks like a quake line...Common Sense goes along way...Money doesn't!!! What's the term...Don't Spend what you don't have! The political realm is just getting worse and worse every day on every level...sigh


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