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Guest ?

I used the cities that the report said were closest in comparison to Wilmington. The report includes some cities (Like Greensboro) which are far larger.
But then they start to include the metro areas of some cities. So the NSS report is inconsistent when it comes to comparisons.
For instance - the report claims that one of the reasons for baseball being so "viable" in Wilmington is the nearby military facilities.
Wilmington to Camp LeJeunne = 69 miles
Wilmington to Fort Bragg = 100 miles
Wilmington to Seymour Johnson = 96 miles
So they use bases 70+ miles away as a justification? Wow. If you used that distance in Greensboro for example you'd then have to include the population of Winston Salem and other large Piedmont cities.
Honestly Guest? The only fair comparison was to city populations but as I opined before we do NOT have a large population to draw from outside the city limits.
And our city could not, or didn't want to support, minor league AA baseball when the Port City Roosters moved out in the late 90s.
In these surveys they purposely obfuscate numbers and choose numbers that justify their beliefs and minimize all others.
But when I noticed the percentages I got concerned as NSS claims that a 50% more of this city's population here would attend games compared to average attendance from other city's.
If they based their economic impact on that large a discrepancy then the impact is VERY OVERSTATED and would be impacted greatly by location of the stadium - so the numbers are kinda screwy. What keyed me to the folly of this report was that Mandalay had negotiated with the city to give the City $1 per ticket sold after I think 300,00 (or 400,000 not sure which) tickets were sold in the year. The problem? By their very own estimates attendance would NEVER reach this level. And if the Port City Roosters attendance was any indication they grossly overestimated the figures.
Don't get me wrong we all love baseball - it IS Americas past time but I don't think we love it enough to commit to $24M of taxpayer monies.
But it is fun to play with the numbers

Best Regards


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