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Can't lump all felons in the same boat...

But how should that be applied to those that don't have VIOLENT records, or had youthful charges some time ago that didn't involve the most serious crimes against the public - but still termed a FELON?

In NC the term 'felony' covers a lot of ground...from murder, rape, possession of large quantities of drugs to rolling back an odometer (unlawful change of mileage), removing pinestraw from a commercial pinestraw farm, intentional losing of athletic contest or limiting margin of victory or defeat, organizing beach bingo with a prize of $50 or more.

Do persons that were at some time convicted of relatively minor crimes deserve to have their rights stripped? The common sense is lacking when a person is branded a FELON the rest of their life for committing petty crime.

Say a lady is convicted of the beach bingo charge. How does her affiliation with a bingo prize of $50 increase the liklihood that she will commit a violent crime against the public with a firearm? Yet she could face 10 years of federal prison if she were to be caught with a gun.

Current firearm restrictions on ALL FELONS is too restrictive. That's not PC to say because of the stigma attached to both guns and the broad term of 'felon'. Some people hear the word 'gun' and think 'weapon of mass destruction'. Similarly most hear the word 'felon' and automatically thinks 'dangerous thug', which is not always the case.

Both the federal and state systems have changed many historically known misdemeanors to felonies in the past two decades. NC's list of felony classifications is now 20 pages -


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