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Gun laws

I can understand why pepole are upset by some of this,but there is alot more to it than just some bad guy with a gun,and yea I know anyone who commit's a crime is a criminal,and for those of you who run that stop sign when no one is looking that means you too,the word crininal needs to be defined,and not just by Webster,if someone tells a lie is he not a liar,even a little lie,one that you dont think will hurt anyone,you know what I mean,and what about the guy who walks out of the bank with one of thier ink pens does that not make him a thief,we need to but a little more thought into labeling these day's,how crimes have been committed with firearms by people who have never had a felony background,just one day decided to go out buy a gun and shoot the place up kill a few what the hay Im not a felon,BUT I do have some mental issues so I should be ok to go buy a gun,pardon me but Im more worried about those people than some of these others so labled,also just so you know the constitution state that although a person has been stripped there right to bear arms it has not totaly divested to have a firearm in his home or place of biz, look it up.


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